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​​Desktop Series (B&W) Letter / Legal  Size A4

Desktop Series (Color)Letter/Legal Size A4

​Legacy Models:

Desktop New Generation Color Letter/Legal Size A4

Business Series (B/W) Letter/ Legal / 11X17 / 12X18 Size A3

Digital Label Printer and Shape Finisher


Business Series (Color) Letter / Legal / 11X17 / 12X18 Size A3

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Please take a moment and read the article below! Knowing this information will make a major rule about your decision buying a used copiers. 

New Lease Return Copiers are

Used Copier Los Angeles, Refurbished Copier Los Angeles

Used Copier Los Angeles

Life is made up of milestones, achievements, and anniversaries. This year, Digitronix One is celebrating one such milestone: our 22nd year in business. We opened our doors in 1996 and focused on becoming a leading Office technology equipment & supplier of exclusive designs and high-end products for retail store customers. 

Remember the “refurbished” means way more than simply cleaned! An office equipment dealer who just wipes down the outside of used copiers and make sure they work is not offering quality products. Besides a thorough cleaning, refurbished copiers should have all worn parts replaced and should also be fully inspected for any foreseeable malfunctions. Be sure you know exactly what you need your office equipment to do and how demanding your office will likely be prior to making a final purchase. An experienced used copiers dealer will then help you decide what model and what condition is appropriate for your business. 

Refurbished copiers should also come with a warranty of some kind; usually the dealer will offer one that lasts one to three months. Remember that you don’t have to settle for a minimal warranty—you can try to ask for an extension. Whether the office equipment dealer agrees to it or not, you are smart to try to protect your expensive investment. If a maintenance agreement is available, it will definitely be worth it, as these agreements will typically cover such parts as the belts and the drum. “As-is” used copiers are almost never worth the deep discounts, because you will likely end up spending more on repairs and upkeep for this type of office equipment than you would on fully refurbished copiers.​

We offer lease return copiers that previously owned by our customers through financial department, every copier is carefully inspected and all worn parts are replaced to be fully functional. 

New Lease Return Copiers are

New Lease Return Copiers are

Canon ImageRunner 4235 Brochure
Canon ImageRunner 4245 Brochure

Brand New Market Value:          $8,995.00+tax.

Our Fully Refurbished Price: $4,395.00+tax.

Brand New Market Value:          $9,980.00+tax.

Our Fully Refurbished Price: $4,895.00+tax.

Black & White Copier 35 Page Per Minute            Year: 2016

  • Color Scan 
  • Network Print
  • 2 Paper Cassette - Letter,Legal, 11 X 17, 12 X 18 Size
  • Duplex
  • Stapler Inner Finisher (Optional) Based on availability
  • Fax

Canon ImageRunner Advance 4235i

Black & White Copier 45 Page Per Minute            Year: 2016

  • Color Scan ( scan to folder or email )
  • Network Print
  • 2 Paper Cassette - ( Letter, Legal, 11 X 17, 12 X 18 Size )
  • Duplex
  • Stapler Inner Finisher (Optional) based on availability
  • Fax

Canon ImageRunner Advance 4245i

Used Copier Los Angeles ( Fully Refurbished & Certified Copiers )    90 Days or 15K meter warranty 


Canon ImageRunner Advance 4551i


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