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    Our Agreement Policy!

  • GENERAL SCOPE OF COVERAGE: This agreement covers labor, toner, and all Consumables (Toner, Drum, Fuser, ADF Rollers, Paper cassette rollers, and Transfer rollers) for adjustments and repairs as required by normal use of the equipment except as hereinafter provided. Damage to the equipment or its parts arising from misuse, abuse, negligence, or causes beyond the DIGITRONIX ONE control is not covered.

  • DIGITRONIX ONE may terminate this agreement in the event the equipment is modified, damaged, altered, or serviced by personnel other than those employed by DIGITRONIX ONE, or if parts, accessories, or components not authorized by DIGITRONIX ONE are fitted to the equipment.
  • EXTENT OF SERVICES: Labor performed during a service call includes lubrication and cleaning of the equipment, Adjustments, repairs, and replacement of consumable items. All Consumable items will be original brands – no third-party chemicals will be used. Unlimited service calls, including travel time and mileage under this agreement, will be made during normal business hours at the customer's installation address.
  • Accidental damages such as broken external cover doors, damage to LCD unit by force that shattered the glass, or dropping any type of liquid causing damage to LCD or internal electronic parts are not covered by this agreement.​

  • Our working hours are Monday through Friday 9 am until 5 pm we are closed Saturdays and Sundays also Holidays.

  • Our response time would be the same day if the customer calls us before 11 am any service requests after 11 am will be scheduled the next day.

  • DIGITRONIX ONE will provide service calls as requested by the customer. The customer understands that alterations, Attachments, specification changes, parts or services necessitated by negligence, accident, and use of unsuitable supplies or unauthorized interference with the equipment will be charged at the normal rate of $145/hour.

  • TERM: This agreement shall become effective upon receipt by DIGITRONIX ONE of the signed contracts and shall continue for one year. This copier contract can be renewed after reassessment. Both parties may terminate this agreement at any time by giving 30 days prior written notice to the other party and the unused portion of the Maintenance charge will be refunded.

  • CHARGES: The initial charge for maintenance under this agreement shall be the amount set forth below Coverage is billed at a rate per copy. (If applicable) Any extra copies will be calculated quarterly, and invoices will be issued based on that rate will be the same as explained below.  This amount shall remain the same for the length of the contract on each copier. The customer agrees to pay the total of all charges within 15 days of the date of DIGITRONIX ONE invoice for such charges.

  • ​COPIER/NETWORK SYSTEM: The items covered under this agreement are the Consumables and mechanical items only (Drum, Fuser, Toner, Cassette rollers, ADF rollers, and labor). Any parts of service necessitated by the software, cabling, network configuration, or anything else not, as part of this system will be charged at a prevailing rate for our connected product line. 

Copier Service Contracts and Knowing the Minimum “Click” Amounts

  • We’ve used the term “click” so many times it probably doesn’t need to be explained, but it’s essentially a printed image. That’s one click for a single-sided piece of paper and two clicks for a two-sided sheet. It doesn’t matter how much is printed on paper, if it came out of the machine with the intention to be printed upon, it’s a click.

Option 1- Monthly Commitment ( minimum number of clicks per month).

  • When you enter into a copier service contract, you guarantee the service provider a number of monthly minimum clicks. You’ll pay that rate regardless of whether or not you actually use them or not. And you’ll pay overages if you go beyond that amount. That means you really want to take your best guess—hopefully based on some data—on how much your office actually prints each month.

These service contracts present you with a minimum number of clicks that you get billed for each month. It doesn’t matter if you go under that amount—you’re still going to pay that minimum amount. Of course, if you go over you’ll have extra charges! Make sure you understand the overages before you sign so that there are no surprises later. Also, it’s common that the service provider will attempt to differentiate pricing between the included clicks and the overage clicks. This is in order to get more of the “guaranteed” or “expected” clicks upfront and not receive most of their funds as overages.

  • (5K B/W 1K Color) Per month,   Our charge for minimum coverage is $0.01 cents for B/W and $0.08 cents for Color clicks.
  • (10K B/W 3K Color) Per month, Our charge for minimum coverage is $0.008 cents for B/W and $0.07 cents for Color clicks.
  • (20K B/W 5K Color) Per month, Our charge for minimum coverage is $0.007 cents for B/W and $0.06 cents for Color clicks.
  • (30K B/W 8K Color) Per month, Our charge for minimum coverage is $0.006 cents for B/W and $0.05 cents for Color clicks.

Option 2- Per Click charge (pay as you go) No minimum. 

  • When you enter into a pay-per-click service contract, there is no commitment or guarantee whether or not you actually make the required minimum per month. it's simply paid as you go! The vendor basically inquires about the monthly volume that you produce and charge you based on that! These types of contracts are for customers with a very low volume of printing or copying.
  • Under 2K B/W 500 pages Color per month, Our charge for pay-as-you-go coverage is $0.03 cents for B/W and 0.15 cents for Color per click.
  • Up to 3K B/W 1K pages Color per month, Our charge for pay-as-you-go coverage is $0.02 cents for B/W and 0.12 cents for Color per click.
  • Up to 5K B/W 2K pages Color per month, Our charge for pay-as-you-go coverage is $0.015 cents for B/W and 0.10 cents for Color per click.
  • Up to 8K B/W 3k pages Color per month, Our charge for pay-as-you-go coverage is $0.01 cents for B/W and 0.9 cents for Color per click.
  • Up to10K B/W 5k pages Color per month, Our charge for pay-as-you-go coverage is $0.008 cents for B/W and 0.8 cents for Color per click.

  • What’s Included in a Copier Service Contract

    Most copier service contracts include toner, drums, maintenance & repairs, and anything else that isn’t paper (or staples if you have a finisher). It’s designed to be hassle-free and to allow you to focus on your business and not maintain a device in your office (or become an expert in troubleshooting issues). Of course, it can also include some things you don’t want—like fine print. Reading the fine print can save you tons of headaches down the line. Some of the more “incendiary” fine print we’ve seen
    includes drastic overage fees, quarterly or annual service fee increases, and exceptions for ongoing maintenance that don’t allow for normal wear and tear issues.

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