Muratec MFX & PLS Products:
A3 Products: muratec MFX-C2280N | muratec MFX-C2880N | muratec MFX-C3680N | 

muratec MFX-C4580N | muratec MFX-C5580N | muratec MFX-3680N | muratec MFX-4580N
A4 Products: muratec MFX-3535 | muratec MFX-3595 

Label Maker-Lamination-Shape Cutter-Finisher: muratec PLS-2112 Printer | 

muratec PLS-2112 Finisher  | muratec PLS-5150 Printer | muratec PLS-5150 Finisher.

CanonImage Runner Advance Copiers: 
A3 Products: Canon IR-A 400iF | Canon IR-A500iF | Canon IR-A250iF | Canon IR-A350iF | 

Canon IR-1435iF | Canon IR-1435P
A4 Products: Canon IR-2525 |  Canon IR-2535 | Canon IR-2545i | Canon IR-A 4225i | 

Canon IR-A 4235i | Canon IR-A 4245i | Canon IR-A4251i | Canon IR-A Color 2225 | 

Canon IR-A Color 2230 | Canon IR-A Color 3325i | Canon IR-A Color 3330i | Canon IR-A Color 5235A | 

Canon IR-A Color 5240A | Canon IR-A Color 5250i.

High Speed Desktop Scanner: Canon Image Formula DR-M140 | Canon Image Formula DR-M 160.

Intec Printers

Color Printer Series: Intec CP3000​​

Colorsplash Series:  Colorsplash 4000  | Colorsplash 5000
Colorsplash Accessories | Digital envelope feeder | Shingling Conveyor | Printer Stand High Capacity Unit
​Input & output system​​​​​​​

Label Printing and Finishing Solution:
LPS215 | White toner Label Printing | ​LP215 Label Printer Cabinet | LCF215 Label finishing solution 

​Software Solution:
Fiery® XF for Intec Colour Management and Workflow

Tel:  1+818 230-3080

Video: Copier

Copier Los Angeles, Copier repair and sales

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Service Areas...

Black & White MFP

CS 3501i     CS 4501i      CS 5501i

CS 6501i     CS 8001i

Color MFP

CS 2552Ci       CS 3252Ci         CS 3551Ci

CS 4551Ci       CS 5551Ci         CS 6551Ci

CS 7551Ci

Desktop Black & White MFP

ECOSYS M 3540idn   M 3550idn  M 3560idn

Desktop Color MFP

ECOSYS M 6530cdn  M6535cdn

Label Printing and Finishing Solution.


White toner Label Printing

​LP215 Label Printer Cabinet

LCF215 Label finishing solution 

​LSMR215 Label Slitter & Matrix Removal

​Software Solution

Fiery® XF for Intec Colour Management and Workflow


Desktop Series (B&W) Letter / Legal  Size A4

MFX-3510 This model is discontinued.

Available models:  MFX-3535 / MFX-3595

Stand Alone Series (B&W) Letter / Legal  Size A4

MFX-3590X  This model is discontinued.

Desktop Series (Color) Letter/Legal Size A4


Business Series (B&W) Letter/ legal / 11X17 Size A3

MFX-3680N / MFX-4580N

Business Series (Color) Letter  Legal  11X17  Size ​A3

​MFX-C2280N / MFX- C2880N / MFX-C3680N / MFX-C4580N


Digital Label Printer and Shape Finisher

PLS-2112 Printer

PLS-2112 Finisher

PLS-5150 Printer

PLS-5150 Finisher


Mobile Print Hub: MPH101​

​​​​​DigitronixOne  is a leader in the technology imaging industry. Since 1996 we have been marketing and selling office equipment and solutions designed to streamline and enhance workflow processes. We offer a complete line that can meet all your needs from the latest advancements seen today whether it's for a large or small office environment. 

IF your budget is limited we offer savings of 50% to 70% on our refurbished machines that are backed from Leasing companies

with warranty & we also offer Full maintenance contract that covers All labor, parts, & supplies, we stand behind all we offer.

​ click here for our fully refurbished Copier inventory  



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