Industrial Label Presses & Finishing Systems

  • PLS-175i                                                              $5,880.00+tax.             
  • PLS-2112                                                             $17,550.00+tax.
  • ​PLS-2112F (Finisher)                                         $25,200.00+tax.
  • PLS 275                                                               $16,440.00+tax.
  • ​PLS 475i                                                              $27,500.00=tax.
  • ​PLS-5150F (Finisher)                                         $55,200.00+tax.
  • ​PLS-875i                                                              $69,000.00+tax.
  • ​PLS-875F (Finisher)                                           $89,125.00+tax.
  • PLS 675i - ​PKG 675i                                          $106,950.00+tax.

Item No.                                                                                                                                                                                                     MSRP                                                 OUR PRICE
PKG675i                                                                                                                                                                                                $ 164,995.00                                           $106,950.00
PKG-675i comes standard with one year parts warranty & five (5) PH-675 print heads.
The PLS-675i includes a Linux workstation, Caldera and PLS drivers, hosted on a Linux PC.
The PLS-675i does not ship with ink tanks necessary for machine operation. Please order when ordering the press.

Drivers and Color Management Options 1,2
CALDERAGRIPSE Software: Grand RIP Pro Special Edition (Software pack)5                                                                                                                                             $3,995.00 
CALDRVGRIPSE3 Grand Special Edition Large Print Driver (for V11 support)                                                                                                                                               $1,995.00
CALCALC Cost Calculation                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   $995.00 
CALDERAWEBX2 Caldera Basics: Caldera Webinar Fixed Subject ( one to multiple) / 2h                                                                                                                             $500.00 
CALINS Caldera Install: 2-hour online installation setup webinar Set by dealer                                                                                                                                             $330.00
1 Purchases are not eligible for return.
2 Caldera is designed to operate in a Linux environment.
3 The driver is not backward compatible, may only add to the most current version of the Grand RIP Pro Special Edition (Software pack)
4 Linux compatible workstation also includes mouse and keyboard, the monitor is not included.
5 Special Edition will require V11 Print Driver Support

Options and Upgrades 
PKG-675L*           Laminator for PKG-675i                                                                                                                                         $ 75,995.00                                            $54,625.00
*Required in order to apply laminate

675INSM2 Includes (2) Muratec representatives                                                                                                                                                                                              $7,800.00
675INSM1 Includes (1) Muratec representative                                                                                                                                                                                                $5,300.00

PKG 675i


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Muratec PKG 675i

Features of the PKG-675i

Superior build; it’s robust and reliable.
Unique and user-friendly interface.
Safety sensors on access doors ensure compliance with strict health and safety guidelines.
Generous access doors make changing inks and maintenance an easy process.
Print software allows the user access to ink levels and automatic consumable alerts.
The included high-powered desktop allows users to install variable data software and alternative RIP solutions as a business need to develop and grow.

Muratec PKG 675i - PLS-675i

The PKG-675i is a digital packaging printer that prints on flexible packagings, such as bags and pouches, and corrugated materials, such as folding cartons, displays, and traditional boxes.

Manufacturers use the PKG-675i to bring both primary and secondary packaging in-house and help increase their flexibility.

With five print heads, the PKG-675 can accommodate variable widths up to 42" with high-quality, four-color printing. 

Muratec PKG 675i


Print technology CMYKK pigment-based inks (10L tanks)
Max web width 42" (1,066 mm)
Print speed 5.91" or 11.81"/second (150 or 300 mm/second)
Print resolution HQ: 1600 x 1600 dpi
Dimensions 7.48' x 7.72' x 5.28' (2280 x 2352 x 1610 cm)
Weight 2,204.62 lbs (1000 kg)
Power consumption 3.5kW - 230VAC - 15A - 50Hz
Operation environment Operation: 68°F - 86°F (20°C - 30°C); 77°F recommended - Humidity: 22 - 80% RH (non-condensing) - Platform Embedded controller and QA chips
Ink delivery system with intermediary reservoirs - Modular, multi-functional maintenance stations - Large service door and easy ink tank access
Interface Unique and user-friendly software

COPIER LOS ANGELES                                                                                                                              AUTHORIZED DEALER

The list price is for the base unit with no options! Price does not include shipping and setup.​

Business Series (B/W)Letter/ Legal / 11X17 / 12X18 Size A3

The list price is for the base unit with no options! Price does not include shipping and setup.

Business Series (Color) Letter / Legal / 11X17 / 12X18 Size A3

The list price is for the base unit with no options! Price does not include shipping and setup.


  •  MFX-C2860                                                    $2,950.00 +tax.
  •  MFX-C2590                                                    $3,050.00 +tax.
  •  MFX-C3090                                                    $3,650.00 +tax.
  •  MFX-C4590                                                    $7,795.00 +tax.
  •  MFX-C5590                                                    $8,185.00 +tax.



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