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Muratec MFX & PLS Products:  Copiers, Laser Printers, Color Copiers 
A3 Products: muratec MFX-C2280N | muratec MFX-C2880N | muratec MFX-C3680N | 

muratec MFX-C4580N | muratec MFX-C5580N | muratec MFX-3680N | muratec MFX-4580N
A4 Products: muratec MFX-3535 | muratec MFX-3595 

Label Maker-Lamination-Shape Cutter-Finisher: muratec PLS-2112 Printer | 

muratec PLS-2112 Finisher  


muratec MFX-C2260   |  muratec MFX-C2860  |  muratec MFX-C2590  |  muratec MFX-C3090  |

muratec MFX-C3690   |  muratec MFX-C4590  |  muratec MFX-C5590

​​CanonImage Runner Advance Copiers: Copier & Laser Printers
A3 Products: Canon IR-A 400iF | Canon IR-A500iF | Canon IR-A250iF | Canon IR-A350iF | 

Canon IR-1435iF | Canon IR-1435P
A4 Products: Canon IR-2525 |  Canon IR-2535 | Canon IR-2545i | Canon IR-A 4225i | 

Canon IR-A 4235i | Canon IR-A 4245i | Canon IR-A4251i | Canon IR-A Color 2225 | 

Canon IR-A Color 2230 | Canon IR-A Color 3325i | Canon IR-A Color 3330i | Canon IR-A Color 5235A | 

Canon IR-A Color 5240A | Canon IR-A Color 5250i.

Canon IR-A 4525i | Canon IR-A 4535i | Canon IR-A 4545i | Canon IR-A 4551i

Canon IR-A Color 5535i | Canon IR-A Color 5540i | Canon IR-A Color 5550i | Canon IR-A Color 5560i                                                                                                                                                       

High Speed Desktop Scanner: Canon Image Formula DR-M140 | Canon Image Formula DR-M 160.

Intec Printers  Copier & Laser Printers Copiers, Laser Printers, Color Copiers

Color Printer Series: Intec CP3000​​

Colorsplash Series:  Colorsplash 4000  | Colorsplash 5000

Colorsplash Accessories | Digital envelope feeder | Shingling Conveyor | Printer Stand High Capacity Unit
​Input & output system​​​​​​​

Label Printing and Finishing Solution:
LPS215 | White toner Label Printing | ​LP215 Label Printer Cabinet | LCF215 Label finishing solution 

​Software Solution:
Fiery® XF for Intec Colour Management and Workflow

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Copier Los Angeles, Copier repair and sales
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Copier South Pasadena Ca Offers equipment that are capable of doing tasks as follow!

  • “Find-Me” secure print release protects the privacy of confidential documents while eliminating unclaimed printouts. Find-Me printing lets the user decide which printer or multifunctional device to use by utilizing a proximity card or entering login credentials at any PaperCut™-enabled device.
  • Multifunction support – PaperCut™ MF not only gives you full control of Muratec MFP print functions, it can also manage off the glass copying, document scanning and fax transmissions.
  • Eliminate waste – PaperCut™ MF helps organizations control costs by eliminating the stacks of unclaimed printed pages that sit in MFP output trays, often making their way directly into unsecured trash or recycling bins. Cost-saving policies can enforce individual print limits, require duplex (2-sided) printing, require monochrome printing, and redirect large print jobs to more cost-effective devices.
  • Cost accounting – The ability to bill clients or internal departments for print and copy expenses is vital to reducing expenses and boosting profitability in print-intensive environments.
  • Intuitive operation – Modifying employee behavior is one of the hardest tasks to accomplish when deploying new technology and processes. PaperCut™ MF is regarded as the one of the simplest systems of its kind to set up, deploy and manage.
  • iPad®, Mobile and Driverless Printing – The introduction of iPhones®, iPads and tablet PCs has brought a new set of challenges to the printing landscape. PaperCut™ MF can help solve these problems with native iPad print support and web-based driverless printing, both of which are standard PaperCut™ features.
  • Powerful dashboards & reporting – With access to more than 50 one-click reports for online viewing, printing or exporting, PaperCut™ MF delivers the details to help you make educated decisions about your print environment.
  • Licensed for Muratec MFP’s – PaperCut™ has certified that the Muratec MFX-3535 and MFX-3595 have been licensed for PaperCut™ MF. Companies can deploy these MFP’s into their PaperCut™ managed print environment with confidence.
Muratec MFX-3595

Copier South Pasadena CA

Copier South Pasadena CA

​Muratec MFX-Series Bridges the gap between the paper and digital world.

Muratec South Pasadena CA

Work smarter with the Copier South Pasadena CA 

Your business is transforming. Your role, expanding and evolving. Doing more with less isn't just a passing trend, it's the new normal. Despite these challenges, companies must maintain exceptional customer service levels, meet project deadline and process information into systems that conform to new regulations and guidelines. Copier South Pasadena CA can assist your office in capturing, managing and distributing information more efficiently, enabling you to thrive in the new normal.

Copier South Pasadena CA

We take great pride in offering the highest level of service to our customers in Copier South Pasadena, California.

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Canon ImageRunner Advance 4551i
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