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Muratec MFX & PLS Products:  Copiers, Laser Printers, Color Copiers 
A3 Products: muratec MFX-C2280N | muratec MFX-C2880N | muratec MFX-C3680N | 

muratec MFX-C4580N | muratec MFX-C5580N | muratec MFX-3680N | muratec MFX-4580N
A4 Products: muratec MFX-3535 | muratec MFX-3595 

Label Maker-Lamination-Shape Cutter-Finisher: muratec PLS-2112 Printer | 

muratec PLS-2112 Finisher  


muratec MFX-C2260   |  muratec MFX-C2860  |  muratec MFX-C2590  |  muratec MFX-C3090  |

muratec MFX-C3690   |  muratec MFX-C4590  |  muratec MFX-C5590

​​CanonImage Runner Advance Copiers: Copier & Laser Printers
A3 Products: Canon IR-A 400iF | Canon IR-A500iF | Canon IR-A250iF | Canon IR-A350iF | 

Canon IR-1435iF | Canon IR-1435P
A4 Products: Canon IR-2525 |  Canon IR-2535 | Canon IR-2545i | Canon IR-A 4225i | 

Canon IR-A 4235i | Canon IR-A 4245i | Canon IR-A4251i | Canon IR-A Color 2225 | 

Canon IR-A Color 2230 | Canon IR-A Color 3325i | Canon IR-A Color 3330i | Canon IR-A Color 5235A | 

Canon IR-A Color 5240A | Canon IR-A Color 5250i.

Canon IR-A 4525i | Canon IR-A 4535i | Canon IR-A 4545i | Canon IR-A 4551i

Canon IR-A Color 5535i | Canon IR-A Color 5540i | Canon IR-A Color 5550i | Canon IR-A Color 5560i                                                                                                                                                       

High Speed Desktop Scanner: Canon Image Formula DR-M140 | Canon Image Formula DR-M 160.

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Canon Copier N Hollywood CA
Copier N Hollywood CA
Copier N Hollywood CA

Most important benefit of upgrading your equipment to Our Fully Network Digital B/W & Color office Copiers and multifunction solution.

An exceptionally intuitive, simple-to-use interface puts access to all functions right at your fingertips, whether at the device or at your desktop. Even on the go, you’re in control. Print from a laptop, tablet, or smartphone to your office state of the art multifunction system.

Get noticed with high-impact color or crisp black-and-white output, all delivered with amazing speed.

A touch of a button on the user interface lets you access, scan to, or print directly from, certain cloud applications. 

Multilayered solutions safeguard confidential information and support security compliance with certain options.

We take great pride in offering the highest level of service to our customers in N. Hollywood, California.Copier N. Hollywood, CA – Used Copier N Hollywood, CA – Copier Repair N Hollywood, CA – Copier Lease N Hollywood, CA – Copier Sales N Hollywood, CA – Copier Service N Hollywood, CA – Copier Supplies N Hollywood, CA – Copier Toner N Hollywood, CA – Copier Network Support N Hollywood, CA – Color Copiers N Hollywood, CA – Laser Printer N Hollywood, CA – Laser Printer Repair N Hollywood, CA , Copy machine N Hollywood, CA

Copier N. Hollywood

Color Your World.

Colors are integral part of our lives and we love to fill each and every section of this life with bright colors. colors add more life to anything, more so in case of photo prints. Digitronix One offers many branded color devices such as printers for making your world beautiful. The quality of colored prints is so good that you shall love get a print of each and every click of yours. Colored printouts are also needed in many important presentations in offices. To make your presentation more appealing, you are required to take nice colored prints of the page. Nobody can remain unimpressed by this unique presentation of yours.

“A picture is worth a thousand words”, this famous becomes true when colors are added to picture. This becomes possible by amazing Color Copier Los Angeles products offered by Digitronix One. These products not only deliver quality results but are cost effective at the same time. Our product can never ditch you, i.e., in between urgent tasks, you can rely on this fully, there are less chances of failure. All you have to do is just give us the honor of providing our most trusted services to you and enjoy them to the fullest.

Intec Printers  Copier & Laser Printers Copiers, Laser Printers, Color Copiers

Color Printer Series: Intec CP3000​​

Colorsplash Series:  Colorsplash 4000  | Colorsplash 5000

Colorsplash Accessories | Digital envelope feeder | Shingling Conveyor | Printer Stand High Capacity Unit
​Input & output system​​​​​​​

Label Printing and Finishing Solution:
LPS215 | White toner Label Printing | ​LP215 Label Printer Cabinet | LCF215 Label finishing solution 

​Software Solution:
Fiery® XF for Intec Colour Management and Workflow

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Copier Los Angeles, Copier repair and sales


Canon ImageRunner Advance 4551i
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