​​Desktop Series (B&W) Letter / Legal  Size A4

Desktop Series (Color)Letter/Legal Size A4

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Desktop New Generation Color Letter/Legal Size A4

Business Series (B/W) Letter/ Legal / 11X17 / 12X18 Size A3

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Business Series (Color) Letter / Legal / 11X17 / 12X18 Size A3

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Copier Service & Repair

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  Copier Service, Copier Repair, Color Copier Repair, Laser Printer Repair in Glendale.

Why Digitronix One?                                                                                                                                                                             

When it comes time to choose a dealer, "service" is the most important word you need to remember. A great copier with bad service can cause more headaches than an average copier with excellent service. Since you will need to be comfortable with your copier vendor for years and years, it is in your best interest to be particular when evaluating them. There are basically two important factors to be kept in mind while hiring copier repair services. 
 A most important factor in the list is “Reliability”. Always look for reliable service providers in
your town. Make full use of the Internet and read reviews of all service providers, this will help you get the best services. 
"Quality" is another criteria which you cannot compromise on. Always opt for good quality spare parts for your machine. 
This may cost you a little higher but remember all go things comes at a cost. By keeping this in mind you can increase the life of your machine. But the decision is ultimately yours, Buy products that are within your budget and are of genuine quality at the same time.

Service Agreements!
Because the office copier is so essential to many businesses, the service agreement that stipulates when and how repairs will be done is a very important part of any purchase or
lease decision. As with pricing for the copier itself, service agreement pricing can vary significantly from vendor to vendor, so make sure you are able to compare by getting quotes
for the same level of service from multiple vendors.

Typical Coverage!
All plans tend to cover the costs of parts and labor for repairing and maintaining your copier. Unfortunately, "parts" often has a different definition from vendor to vendor.
Parts that break during use are almost always covered, as are parts that wear out over time. This includes fuser rollers, cleaning blades, and other parts often bundled in preventative maintenance kits. Make sure you get a comprehensive list of what is and is not covered so you can compare plans accurately.

Our knowledgeable sales team! is standing by to answer all your questions in order to locate the best possible equipment for your office needs. We also specialize in repairing, servicing and diagnosing any office copier problem on your commercial machine!  

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Copier Repair & Service Rate

Our Estimate fee is $35.00 that will cover transportation and gas surcharges. Our service distance is35 miles away from our Glendale, CA location.

There is extra ($2.00 per mile) if we have to commute over 35 miles away. 

Black/ White Laser Desktop Series: 

  •  $75.00 First hour    $35.00 every extra hour

Color Laser Desktop Series:

  • $95.00  First hour   $45.00 every extra hour

Black/ White  Laser Standalone Series Up to 55 PPM.

  •  $125.00 First hour $65.00 every extra hour

Black/ White  Laser High-Speed Series above 55 PPM.

  • $145.00  First hour $75.00 every extra hour

Color Laser Standalone Series Up to 55 PPM.

  • $145.00 per hour $75.00 every extra hour

Color Laser High-Speed Series above 55 PPM.

  •  $165.00  per hour $85.00 every extra hour

Network Configuration and setup

  • $125.00  per hour.

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